Each camper will choose/design a “playable/interactive” object that they will develop thru the week. All projects will have a power source, a micro-controller brain (probably the ESP8266) which they will program with a computer using arduino’s C Language,. They will interface with variety of input and output devices, ie. sensors and actuators many other possible controllers. Projects will be developed both individually and in small and large group configurations. Upon completion, campers will get to take their project home.

Hands on experience with various technologies is a key feature of camp, including gesture-capture sensors, ultrasound, buttons, speakers, solenoids/valves (which can turn on and off water, air, gas, etc. and also be used to strike objects), motors, speakers, lasers, and even VR! All technologies will be introduced within a historical context.

Each day, some time will be devoted to orchestrating everyone’s project and designing a single interface to play them all!

We keep brain activity balanced and the creative and collaborative juices flowing with daily physical activities that include movement, music and improvisation.

Campers are strongly encouraged to sign up for both sections as new material will be introduced and they can delve deeper into their area of interest.